Damped Vibrations of Axially-Stressed Laminated Beams using Zig-Zag Finite Element

축방향 하중을 받는 점탄성물질이 심어진 적층보의 지그재그요소를 이용한 진동해석

  • 이덕규 (서울대 기계항공공학과)
  • Published : 2001.10.01


Dynamic analysis of laminated beams with a embedded damping layer under tension or compression axial load is investigated. Improved Layer-Wise Zig-Zag Beam Theory and Interdependent Kinematic Relation using the governing equations of motion are incorporated to model the laminated beams with a damping layer and a corresponding beam zig-zag finite element is developed. Flexural frequencies and modal loss actors under tension or compression axial load are calculated based on Complex Eigenvalue Method. The effect of the axial tension and compression load on the frequencies and loss factors is discussed.