Flexure-Compression Characteristics of Composite Marine Pile

복합소재 해상파일 모델의 휨압축 거동특성

  • 이성우 (국민대학교 건설시스템 공학부) ;
  • 손기훈 (국민대학교 건설시스템 공학) ;
  • 김성태 (건설기술연구) ;
  • 조남훈 (국민대학교 구조안전 연구소)
  • Published : 2001.10.01


Due to many advantage of advanced composite materials, researches on the composite marine pile is initiated. In this paper, structural characteristics of concrete filled glass fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP) composite pile model are studied. Through 4-point flexural test with various level of axial force, the performance of composite pile model was analyzed. Also numerical method to find P-M interaction diagram of composite pile was developed. It is showed that result of numerical method agrees well with experimental results, thus it is anticipated that numerical procedure can be utilized for design purpose.