Study on the Self Diagnosis of Reinforced Concrete Beam Retrofitted by Composite Materials with Optical Fiber Sensors

광섬유 센서를 이용한 복합재료로 보수보강된 철근콘크리트 보의 자기진단 기법개발

  • Published : 2001.10.01


In order to extend the life time of building and civil infra-structure, nowadays, patch type fibrous composite materials are widely used. Retrofitted concrete columns and beams gain the stiffness and strength, but they lose toughness and show brittle failure. Usually, the cracks of concrete structures are visible with naked eyes and the status of the structure in the life cycle is estimated with visible inspection. After retrofitting of the structure, crack visibility is blocked by retrofitted composite materials. Therefore, structural monitoring after retrofitting is indispensible and self diagnosis method with optical fiber sensor is very useful. In this paper, We try to detect peel out effect and find the strain difference between main structure and retrofitting patch material when they separate each other.