Analysis for Properties of Ceramic/Metal Composite Based on Micromechanics of materials

세라믹/금속복합재료에 대한 미시역학적 특성해석

  • 김병식 (국민대학교자동차공학대학원) ;
  • 김태우 (국민대학교기계자동차공학부)
  • Published : 2001.10.01


A proper estimation of the mechanical properties for composites has been required for better design/selection of constituents for composite materials. Present investigation shows the simulation results for ceramic reinforced metal matrix composite under uniaxial transverse tensile loading. The resulting transverse mean stress with the transverse mean strain was described for composites as a function of the volume fraction with two different types of interfacial bonding: (1)strongly bonded interface, and (2)no bonded interface. A two-dimensional finite element modeling and analysis were conducted based on the unit-cell concept with an assumption of a regular square arrangement of the reinforcement within the composite. The mean stress was generally increased with the ceramic volume fraction for composite with strong interface bonding. The micromechanics concept combined with finite element modeling for composite can be used in order to predict the transverse properties of composites with a priori known properties of constituents.