Computational Analysis and an Application of Wind Environmental Effects for High-rise Buildings

초고층건물 주변의 풍환경에 대한 수치 해석 및 적용

  • 정영배 (삼성건설기술연구소, R&D팀, 건축구조) ;
  • 라선욱 (ATES, Consulting 사업부)
  • Published : 2001.10.01


This paper presents the results of numerical simulation of wind environment and wind coefficient around super high-rise building. The analysis of aerodynamic response due to wind-induced forces and wind effect to surrounding buildings is important to high-rise building. This paper simulates the wind force to the high-rise building and wind flow pattern around the high-rise building, and shows the usability of CFD analysis to design process of high-rise building. A Navier-Stokes-Solver (FLUENT) with Quick spatial discretization scheme and RNG $\kappa-\epsilon$ turbulence model has been applied to the computation of the three dimensional turbulent flow.