A sudy on the Out-of-band Noise Power for PCS Unified Repeater

PCS 통합중계기의 대역외 잡음에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2002.05.01


The increase in the number of PCS base station and repeater has increased the level of interference between PCS carriers. In this paper, interference of singular PCS repeater out-of-band noise power on mobile phone is analysed and compared with that of unified PCS repeater for multiple PCS carriers. It is shown that unified PCS repeater provide about 2∼3dB signal gain in comparison with conventional PCS repeater. As a result, the interference of out-of-band noise power on mobile phone is reduced. It is expected that PCS carriers are able to build an environmentally-friendly communications infrastructure and reduce the cost by using unified PCS revealer and apply it for the deployment of IMT-2000 network.