NAVER : Design and Implementation of Networked Virtual Environments Based on PC Cluster

NAVER : PC 클러스터 기반의 분산가상환경 커널 설계 및 구현

  • Published : 2002.05.01


The NAVER is based on a cluster of low-cost personal computers. The goal of NAVER is to provide flexible, extensible, scalable and re-configurable framework for the diverse virtual environments especially for Gamsung research experiments. Personal computers are divided into three servers are according to their specific functions: Render Server, Device Server and Control Server. While Device Server contains external modules requiring event-based communication for the integration, Control Server contains external modules requiring synchronous communication every frame. And, the Render Server consists of 5 managers: Scenario Manager, Event Manger, Command Manager, Interaction Manager and Sync Manager. In this paper, we discuss NAVER as effective distributed system and its application to Gamsung experiment.