Analysis of Dynamic Behaviors for the Korea High Speed Train(KHST) by Using Non-Linear Creep Theory

비선형 크립이론을 이용한 한국형 고속전철의 동특성 해석

  • Published : 2002.05.01


Dynamic behaviors of the Korean High-speed Train(KHST) have been analyzed to investigate the performance on the stability, the safety and the ride comfort. Multi-body dynamics analysis program using Recursive method, called RecurDyn, have been employed in the numerical simulation. To model the wheel-rail contact, the RecurDyn uses its built-in module which uses the square root creep law. The accuracy of the rail module in RecurDyn. however, decreases in the analysis of flange contact because it linearizes the shape of the wheel and rail. To solve this problem, a nonlinear contact theory have been developed that considers the profiles of the wheel and rail. The results show that the KHST still needs more stability. The problem should be solved by the examinations of module and modeling.