A Study on the Static Instability Behaviour of the Zetlin Type Cable Dome Structures

Zetlin형 케이블 돔 구조물의 정적 불안정 거동에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2002.10.01


Membrane, cable structure and membrane-cable structural system are more lighter than another common structural system, and these are able to be effectively build Lip spatial structures using axial stiffness. However when the load reach at critical load level, it might be happened snap-through or bifurcation according to the structure's shape, and these collapse mechanism should be very important in the design of structures. So, In this paper we study static instability of Zetlin-type cable dome, one of the hybrid cable dome. Moreover, as the unstable behavior of shell structures are very sensitive to the initial condition, we seek to find the effect of initial condition.