Methods of Reconstructing Numerical Analysis Program for Utilizing the Internet

인터넷을 활용하기 위한 수치해석 프로그램의 재구성 방법

  • Published : 2002.08.01


The present study introduces some useful methods of implementing the Internet numerical analysis program with existing numerical codes for utilizing the Internet environment. The Internet gives developers good environment for development and release. Several methods were suggested, and some of them were implemented with an existing numerical code named SOLA-VOF, a computational fluid dynamics program to solve two-dimensional transient flow problems with free surface. This was reconstructed with Java technologies and compared with the original one. Java technologies have been applied to development of Internet applications for a long time. The objective of this work is to contrive methods of implementing Internet numerical analysis program with existing numerical codes and confirm the possibility of them. Methods using the applet-servlet communication were suggested and implemented. In addition, the Java web services with XML was introduced, which makes possible the cooperation of components. Although the concept has been suggested and developed for business applications, it can also be used for engineering softwares. Therefore, this study will be a preparation for numerical analysis to participate in engineering web services.