A Study on the Dynamic Characteristics on the Test Line for Korean High Speed Train

한국형 고속전철의 주행진동 특성에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2003.05.01


Korean High Speed Train(KHST) has been tested on the high speed test line in Osung site of Korea High Speed Rail Construction Authority (KHRC). since it was developed as G7 Project Plan In 2002. This paper introduces the dynamic test devices in KHST and shows the comparison between the results of test and theoretical computing results which derive from the new model for KHST dynamic behavior. Previous computer simulation model for KHST was developed to review wether the vehicle system was satisfied with the dynamic performance requirements during the design procedure. But It should be applied the results of the parts test for suspension elements in order to compare between the results of computation and real test. Using VAMPIRE Program made by AEA Technology in UK. the new model also was modified. This paper shows that the static wheel loads calculated from new model is similar to test results. For test on high speed line, we prepared the test devices for evaluating the dynamic performances. which was consisted of the accelerometers( based on Kisler Co.) and the data aquisition systems (based on National instrument Co.), and test program coded by LabView 6i program. These lest devices and programs are flexible to extension the channels for adding sensors and connect to the ethernet network. The acceleration of car bodies, bogie frames and axle boxes were compared between the results of computation and test at 150km/. This paper shows that the results of test were high in high frequency band range but similar frequency band range. It might be considered that these differences were caused by the test which did not performed at constant speed for comparison analysis. Also. It will be able to understand the differences and make better results through a lot of tests planed in future.