The Method and Apparatus for Photoresist Spray Coating with High Temperature Rotational Chuck

고온 회전 척을 구비한 포토레지스트 Spray Coating 방법 및 장치

  • Published : 2003.10.31


The paper presents the method and apparatus for conformal photoresist spray coating on the 3D structured substrate. The system consists of a high-temperature-rotational chuck, ultrasonic spray nozzle module, angle control module and nozzle moving module. The coating uniformity is acquired by controlling the moving speed of the ultrasonic spray nozzle across the substrate which is rotated constantly. To coat the photoresist conformally the spray angle of the nozzle and the temperature of the substrate are controlled during spray coating. The rotational chuck can be heated up by hot air or $N_2$. The photoresist (AZ1512) has been coated on the 3D structured wafer by spray coating system and the characteristics have been evaluated.