The Thermal Analysis of Pole Mount Mold Transformer with One-body Molding by Duct Condition

일체형 주상용 몰드변압기의 덕트에 따른 열해석 특성 연구

  • Published : 2003.07.10


The transformer is major equipment in power receiving and substation facilities. Necessary conditions required for the transformer are compactness, lightness, high reliability, economic advantages, and easy maintenance. The pole-mount transformer installed in distribution system is acting direct role in supply of electric power and it is electric power device should drive for long term. Most of modem transformer are oil-filled transformer and accident is happening considerable. The mold transformers have been widely used in underground substations in large building and have some advantages in comparison to oil-transformer, that is low fire risk, excellent environmental compatibility, compact size and high reliability. In addition, the application of mold transformer for outdoor is possible due to development of epoxy resin. The mold transformer generally has cooling duct between low voltage coil and high voltage coil. A mold transformer made by one body molding method has been developed for small size and low loss. One body molding transformer needs some cooling method because heat radiation between each winding is difficult. In this paper, The thermal analysis of pole mount mold transformer with one body molding by duct condition is investigated and the test result of temperature rise is compared with simulation data.