Analysis on LGP of LCD Backlight/Frontlight

  • Published : 2003.07.09


LGP (Light-Guide Panel) of TFT-LCD Backligh/Frontlight is one of the major components which affect on the product quality of LCD. Since the brightness distribution of LGP is sensitive to the process error in manufacturing, the optical characteristics such as reflection and absorption of LGP pattern should be modeled including the process error. LGP is developed by using the fast and reliable design technology, which uses the concept of the inverse-design, makes the model on the characteristics of uncertainty in the manufacturing process, and designs the dispersion pattern analytically without try-and-error by using an artificial intelligence. The PEA(Process-Error-Adaptive) design gives the best solution in handling the process error. The offset of target in feedback system makes such the best pattern design possible that the brightness distribution is nearly same (more than 90%) with target in regardless of the miscellaneous errors in mass production. The present design method has been also applied to frontlight and multi-side-lamp(eg., four-side-four-lamp) backlight.