Induction Parameter Modeling of Hydrocarbon Fuel/Oxidizer for Detonation Wave Analysis

데토네이션 파 해석을 위한 탄화수소 연료/산화제의 Induction Parameter Modeling

  • 최정열 (부산대학교 항공우주공학과) ;
  • Published : 2003.05.30


A general procedure of obtaining reliable one-step kinetics model for hydrocarbon mixture from the fully detailed chemistry is described iin this study. One-step theoretical formulation of the induction parameter model IPM uses a theoretical reconstruction of the induction time database obtained from a detailed kinetics library. Non-dimensional induction time calculations is compared with that of detailed kinetics. The IPM was latter implemented to fluid dynamics code and applied for the numerical simulation of detonation wave propagation. The numerical results including the numerical smoked-foil record show the all the details of the detonation wave propagation characteristics at the cost around 1/100 of the detailed kinetics calculation.