A Study on the Bubble Flow in the Gas-Liquid Plume

기-액 기둥에서 기포유동에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2003.04.23


The characteristics of upward bubble flow were experimentally investigated in a liquid bath. In the present study, a thermal-infrared camera and high speed CCO camera were used to measure their temperature and local rising velocity, respectively. Heat transfer from bubble surface to water is largely completed within z=10mm from the nozzle, and then the temperature of bubble surface reaches that of water rapidly. The rising velocity of bubble was calculated for two different experimental conditions: 1) bubble flow without kinetic energy 2) with kinetic energy. Bubble flow without kinetic energy starts to undergo the effect of inertia force 10cm away from the nozzle. Whereas, kinetic energy is dominant before 30 cm away from the nozzle in bubble flow, but after this point, kinetic energy and inertial force are applied on bubble flow at the same time.