Performance Evaluation On Floating Rail Track System

레일부유궤도 시스템에 대한 성능 평가

  • 김순철 ((주)석탑엔지니어링 궤도부, 철도전문대학원) ;
  • 강정옥 ((주)석탑엔지니어링 궤도부) ;
  • 지윤배 ((주)석탑엔지니어링 궤도부) ;
  • 한광섭 ((주)석탑엔지니어링 궤도부) ;
  • 전병찬 ((주)석탑엔지니어링 궤도부)
  • Published : 2004.10.01


Up to now, the only way is Floating Slab Track System, which cuts off vibration by installing spring between concrete slab and ground for the lines of particularly requiring attenuating vibration. The weak point of Floating Slab Track System is large increase of construction cost because normally the structure is getting bigger. In regards to this matter, Floating Rail Track System has been developed, which cuts off vibration by floating the first cause of vibration rail, and the system is in operation. In the thesis, the application of new attenuating vibration track system has been confirmed by studying theoretical background of Floating Rail Track System and evaluating dynamic deflection of track and attenuating of noise and vibration performance through various measurements from laboratory tests and site inspection.