A analysis on dyanmic movements of Bridge status using High Rail monitoring systems

상시 계측결과를 이용한 경부고속철도 교량의 동적거동 분석

  • Published : 2004.10.01


The Korea high-speed rail, based on the French design. It also implements new concept to increase the strength of bridge deck by adding an impact factor (dynamic intensity factor) in static load. In order to assure the dynamic stability, SYSTRA and Jeseph Penzien, a professor in CEC (the US) conducted a dynamic stability review on design phase. Analyzing the review results, they developed design criteria for dynamic behavior. This study deal with operating PSC box GIRDER equipped with measurement equipment or measured data of Seoul $\∼$ Taejeon, P.S.C BOX GIRDER bridge and steel comsition bridge equipped with measurement equipment based on structual knowledge about configuration of measuring sensor, response analysis of structure when train runs was performed by using measured data of PSC box girder to directly compare with design criteria. moreover, the dynamic stability with comparison of high-speed rail construction criteria was reviewed and analyzed based on historical records.