Multivariate Region Growing Method with Image Segments

영상분할단위 기반의 다변량 영역확장기법

  • 이종열 (국토연구원 GIS연구센터)
  • Published : 2004.03.01


Feature identification is one of the largest issue in high spatial resolution satellite imagery. A popular method associated with this feature identification is image segmentation to produce image segments that are more likely to features interested. Here, it is, proposed that combination of edge extraction and region growing methods for image segments were used to improve the result of image segmentation. At the intial step, an image was segmented by edge detection method. The segments were assigned IDs, and polygon topology of segments were built. Based on the topology, the segments were tested their similarities with adjacent segments using multivariate analysis. The segments that have similar spectral characteristics were merged into a region. The test application shows that the segments composed of individual large, spectrally homogeneous structures, such as buildings and roads, were merged into more similar shape of structures.