Evaluate the expected price of HTS transformer for introducing into korean power system

초전도변압기의 계통적용을 위한 예상 시장진입가격 추정

  • Published : 2004.11.12


HTS (High Temperature Superconducting) Transformer has the several useful characteristics in the viewpoints of technical and economical. Especially, an HTS transformer replaces the copper wire coils in a conventional transformer with lower loss HTS wire In addition, inexpensive, environmentally benign liquid nitrogen replaces the conventional oil as the electrical insulation (dielectric) and provides the necessary cooling for the HTS transformer Therefore, the Life-cycle cost of an HTS transformer is much more attractive than conventional because it is more energy efficient, lighter in weight, smaller in size, and environmentally compliant. HTS transformer can be the best way to replace with conventional transformer in the future. In this paper, we investigate the expected price of HTS transformer to have a merit in viewpoint of economic aspect. First, life-cycle cost of conventional transformer is calculated and based on this, the expected price of HTS transformer is evaluated, which HTS transformer is competitive against conventional transformer.