Development of a 30-in. wide-QXGA+ TFT-LCD for High-Information-Content Displays

  • Choi, H.C. (LG.Philips LCD) ;
  • Hong, S.G. (LG.Philips LCD) ;
  • Lim, B.H. (LG.Philips LCD) ;
  • Lee, S.W. (LG.Philips LCD) ;
  • Yeo, S.D. (LG.Philips LCD)
  • Published : 2004.08.23


A 30-inch WQXGA+ TFT-LCD Monitor has been developed based on in-plane switching mode with multi-domain. This product adopts Cu electrode which, in spite of low resistivity, was not applied to TFT LCD products because of productivity and reliability problems etc. This low resistivity material makes it possible to clear the problem caused by line delay in such high resolution TFT-LCDs. As a results of successful adoption of innovative materials and technologies, our world's largest TFT-LCD Monitor has best performance for high information display.