The fabrication of TFTs for LCD using the 3mask process

  • Published : 2005.07.19


New technology that reduces photolithography process steps from 4 to 3 in fabrication of TFT LCD is introduced. The core technology for 3mask-TFTs is the lift-off process [1], by which the PAS and PXL layer are formed simultaneously. To evaluate the stability of this lift-off process, outgases from photo resist on a substrate during ITO deposition and the quality of ITO film were analyzed and the conventional photo resist stripper machine which operates lift-off process was examined to see its ability to reduce particle problems of the machine. Through the development of total process and design for TFTs using this 3mask technology, panels in TN and IPS modes which exhibit same performances of a display using a conventional process were achieved. In addition, this process was already verified in the mass production line and now some products are being produced by the 3mask technology.