Relationship between Pattern of Fatigue Crack Surface and Fatigue Crack Growth Behavior under $K_{III}$ Mode-Four Point Shear in Al 5083-O

Al 5083-O재에 있어서 $K_{III}$ 모드 4점 전단 하에서의 피로파단면 무늬와 피로균열진전거동의 관계

  • Published : 2006.06.22


Generally almost all fatigue crack growth is affected by model. For this reason a study on model has concentrated in the field of fracture mechanics. However the fatigue crack initiation and growth in machines and structures usually occur in mixed mode loading. If there is any relationship between the cause of fracture in mixed mode loading and fracture surface, fracture surface pattern will be the main mean explaining reasons of fatigue fracture and obtaining further information about fracture process. In this paper four point shear-fatigue test with Aluminum alloy Al 5083-O is carried out from this prospect and then the mixed mode distribution of fracture surface is examined from the result after identifying the generation of fatigue crack surface pattern. It was found from the experimental results that the fatigue crack surface pattern and the fatigue crack shear direction are remarkably consistent. Furthermore It is possible that the analysis of distribution of mixed mode through the fatigue crack surface pattern.