The World's Largest 100inch TFT-LCD for HDTV and Public Display Application

  • Kang, I.B. (LG. Philips LCD) ;
  • Jin, H.C. (LG. Philips LCD) ;
  • Lee, S.H. (LG. Philips LCD) ;
  • Jang, E.S. (LG. Philips LCD) ;
  • Moon, H.M. (LG. Philips LCD) ;
  • Oh, C.H. (LG. Philips LCD) ;
  • Yeo, S.D. (Panel Development Division, Development Center, LG.Philips LCD)
  • Published : 2006.08.22


Recently LG.Philips LCD (hereafter "LPL") has announced the development of the world's largest 100-inch TFT-LCD with Advanced Super IPS technology. This magnificent LCD achieves the feature of a full high definition resolution $1920{\times}1080(16:9)$, 600nit brightness, 3000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, 92% color gamut, 180 degree viewing angle, and 5msec response time at all grays, targeted for HDTV and public display applications. Some unique technologies such as Cu bus line, advanced wide view polarizer, and high color gamut lamp were applied. A new stitching free technology was developed to overcome the size limitation of photo mask in both the TFT and CF processes. The size of the panel (100-inch) based on the wide format (16:9) is determined by the maximum efficiency of world's $1^{st}$ seventh generation line (glass size:$1950{\times}2250mm$) in LPL's Paju display cluster. In this paper, we will discuss the issues of 100-inch TFT-LCD.