PM OLED Fabrication with New Method of Metal Cathode Deposition Using Shadow Mask

  • Published : 2006.08.22


1.52" $130(RGB){\times}130$ full color PM OLED device with $70\;{\mu}m{\times}210\;{\mu}m$ of sub-pixel pitch was fabricated using shadow mask method for metal cathode deposition. Instead of conventional patterning process to form cathode separator via photolithography, regularly patterned shadow mask was applied to deposit metal cathode in this OLED display. Metal cathode was patterned via 2-step evaporation using shadow mask with shape of rectangular stripe and its alignment margin is $2.5\;{\mu}m$. Technical advantages of this method include reduction of process time according to skipping over photolithographic process for cathode separator and minimizing pixel shrinkage caused by PR cathode separator as well as improving lifetime of OLED device.