High Efficiency Photoresist Strip Technology by using the Ozone/Napor Mixture

오존/증기 혼합물을 이용한 고효율 반도체 감광막 제거기술

  • Son, Young-Su (Korea Research Institute of Machinary & Materials (KIMM)) ;
  • Ham, Sang-Yong (Korea Research Institute of Machinary & Materials (KIMM))
  • Published : 2010.04.01


A process for removal of photoresist(PR) m semiconductor manufacturing using water vapor with ozone is presented. For the realization of the ozone/vapor mixture process, high concentration ozone generator and process facilities have developed. As a result of the silicon wafer PR strip test, we confirmed the high efficiency PR strip rates of 400nm/mm or more at the ozone concentration of 16wt%/$O_2$. The ozone/vapor mixture process is more effective than the ozonized water Immersion process.