Strength Analysis of Locking Parts for Adjustable Wheelset during the Gauge Changeover Operation -

궤간 가변 주행시 궤간 가변 잠금부품들에 대한 강도해석

  • Published : 2007.05.30


To reduce the cost and time of transport in Eurasian railroad networks such as TKR, TCR and TSR owing to the problem of different track gauges(narrow/standard/broad gauge), it is important to develop the gauge - adjustable wheelset system to adapt easily to these gauges. Moreover, freight trains having the gauge - adjustable wheelset will be run various curved tracks in railroad networks. Therefore, to assure the safety of the gauge-adjustment wheelset system, it is necessary to evaluate integrity of locking parts in the system using stress analysis. In this study, it was performed to contact stress analysis of locking parts by using FEA(finite element analysis) simulator during the gauge changeover operation and freight trains' service in the curved track, respectively.