Cooling and Heating Performance of Ground Source Heat Pump using Effluent Ground Water

유출지하수열원 지열히트펌프의 냉난방성능

  • 박근우 (삼양에코너지(주) 부설연구소) ;
  • 남현규 (삼양에코너지(주) 부설연구소) ;
  • 강병찬 (삼양에코너지(주) 부설연구소)
  • Published : 2007.11.30


The Effluent ground water overflows in deep and broad ground space building. Temperature of effluent ground water is in 12$\sim$18$^{\circ}C$ annually and the quality of that water is as good as living water. Therefore if the flow rate of effluent ground water is sufficient as source of heat pump, that is good heat source and heat sink of heat pump. Effuent ground water contain the thermal energy of surrounding ground. So this is a new application of ground source heat pump. In this study open type and close type heat pump system using effluent ground water was installed and tested for a church building with large and deep ground space. The effluent flow rate of this building is 800$\sim$1000 ton/day. The heat pump capacity is 5RT each. The heat pump system heating COP was 3.0$\sim$3.3 for the open type and 3.3$\sim$3.8 for the close type system. The heat pump system cooling COP is 3.2$\sim$4.5 for the open type and 3.8$\sim$4.2 for close type system. This performance is up to that of BHE type ground source heat pump.