Active Frequency Drift Positive Feedback Method for Anti-islanding applied Digital Phase-Locked-Loop

Digital PLL을 이용한 Active Frequency Drift Positive Feedback에 관한 연구


As photovoltaic(PV) power generation systems become more common, it will be necessary to investigate islanding detection method for PV systems. Islanding of PV systems can cause a variety of problems and must be prevented. However, if the real and reactive powers of the load and PV system are closely matched, islanding detection by passive methods becomes difficult. Also, most active methods lose effectiveness when there are several PV systems feeding the same island. The active frequency drift positive feedback method(AFDPF) enables islanding detection by forcing the frequency of the voltage in the island to drift up or down. In this paper the research for the minimum value of chopping fraction gain applied digital phase-locked-loop (DPLL) to AFDPF considering output power quality and islanding prevention performance are performed by simulation and experiment according to IEEE Std 929-2000 islanding test.