Verification of The Variable-Speed Wind Turbine Control System by Using the Simulator

시뮬레이터를 이용한 가변속 풍력발전기 제어시스템 검증

  • Published : 2007.06.21


For the development of wind turbine, generally simulator is used. Simulator include wind turbine components. e.g blades, pitch and pitching method, rotor, yaw system, tower, drive train and so on. Few the more, it include a external circumstance. e.g wind speed, wind direction, air density. these basic parameters be used for the control of wind turbine by wind turbine controller in wind turbine simulator. The wind turbine controller can be designed in the wind turbine simulator. But a developer must make the real control system that will be made using PLC or PC or other processor. The developer must verify the function of control system. that is control algorithm , I/O function, communication, sequence and so on. This verification is possible if we substitute the real wind turbine control system for wind turbine controller in the simulator.