The Access Network Architecture for BcN Adapted

BcN 적합형 액세스네트워크 구조

  • Published : 2007.08.24


This article describes a function and structure of access network equipment under BcN environment. Access network until now have constructed separately to offer voice, data service. However, simplifies network structure, function that can do traffic concentration, subscriber certification, individual charging, QoS according to service and routing is required in BcN. In this paper, compare method offering by separate system with existing access network and method that offer integrating function inside system for structure of suitable access network to BcN and search structure of access network equipment for desirable access network of hereafter. Composition of this paper is as following. In Chapter 2, establishment history and structure of access network until present. In Chaprte 3, define suitable requirement and functions to BcN. And compare structure for access net work that is new with present. Last Chapter 4, suggests direction of structure of BcN access network and concludes conclusion.