Load Transfer Characteristics on Drilled Shafts by Hole Stability Fluids

공벽유지용 유체에 따른 대구경 현장타설말뚝의 하중전이특성

  • Published : 2008.03.28


In most drilled shafts construction sites, it is common, depending on the site condition, to use either water or slurry as fluids for maintaining stability of the holes, however, there are yet no design manuals by hole stability fluids. In this paper, in order to evaluate load transfer characteristics of the drilled shafts by hole stability fluids, two test piles are constructed over the soft ground of the lower Busan Bay based on the Bi-directional Pile Load Test. The test results showed that no ultimate states has found under the condition of applied loads with fresh water and slurry as hole fluids for drilled shafts. Then, the load transfer behavior were estimated with the data measured in fields and the effect of hole stability fluids were compared. All these results are presented in the paper.