Performance Evaluation of Large Borehole Ground-Loop Heat Exchanger

저심도 대구경 지중열교환기의 설치조건에 따른 성능 연구

  • Published : 2009.06.25


A ground-loop heat exchanger for the ground source heat pump system is the core equipment determining the thermal performance and initial cost of the system. The size and performance of the heat exchanger is highly dependent on the ground thermal properties - the ground effective thermal conductivity, the borehole thermal resistance and the undisturbed ground temperature. Nowadays, precast concrete piles using steel reinforced precast concrete piles - energy piles - are used to reduce the installing cost of the ground-loop heat exchanger. We were carried out some tests to investigate the effects of some parameters such as borehole length, grouting materials and U-tube configuration of the energy piles. 4 concrete piles, each measuring $250mm{\sim}400mm$ in diameter and approx. 10m in length, and rigged with single spiral and 3 U-tube loop of $16mm{\times}2.3mm$ PB piping. The thermal response tests were conducted using a testing device for 4-different ground-loop heat exchangers. During the heating period, the energy piles absorb the heat of 0.89kW to 1.37kW.