Design and Control of Railway Vehicle Suspension System Featured by MR Damper

MR 댐퍼를 적용한 철도차량 현가장치의 설계 및 제어

  • Published : 2010.10.27


This paper presents the feasibility for improving the ride quality of railway vehicle equipped with semi-active suspension system using magnetorheological(MR) fluid damper. In order to achieve this goal, a fifteen degree of freedom of railway vehicle model, which includes a car body, bogie frame and wheel-set is proposed to represent lateral, yaw and roll motions. The MR damper system is incorporated with the governing equation of motion of the railway vehicle which includes secondary suspension. To illustrate the effectiveness of the controlled MR dampers on railway vehicle secondary suspension system, the sky-hook control law using the velocity feedback is adopted. Computer simulation for performance evaluation is performed using Matlab. Various control performances are demonstrated under external excitation which is the creep force between wheel and rail.


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