The study on PV module development using the silicone encapsulation

Encapsulation용 silicone을 사용한 모듈제조 공정에 대한 연구

  • Published : 2011.05.26


Nowadays, the number of PV module corporation is increasing due to demand growth of silicon solar module. However almost study of module is research about increasing of efficiency for it. This study is evaluation and development for process of module using the silicone encapsulation material instead of existing EVA sheet. We are changed adding material ratio on silicone and thickness of silicone. So we get better efficiency than EVA sheet through the evaluation for silicone liquid and modulation. Also, we are test after establishing manufacture system being able to quicker than existing modules line. The result of EVA sheet is average 207.47W and silicone material is 211.32W so we think that silicone is better than EVA sheet.