A Study on the Unique point about the Tracking at Electrical fire spot

화재현장에서 분석 절차에 따른 전기화재 조사기법 개발

  • 김동욱 (한국전기안전공사 전기안전연구원) ;
  • 이기연 (한국전기안전공사 전기안전연구원) ;
  • 길형준 (한국전기안전공사 전기안전연구원) ;
  • 김향곤 (한국전기안전공사 전기안전연구원) ;
  • 정영식 (인천대학교 전기공학과)
  • Published : 2011.07.20


Electric fire breaks out by various causes such as electric short, overload(over current), leakage current, poor contact, static electricity, insulation deterioration, partial disconnection and etc. In this paper, we studied analysis technique for scientific and systematic judgment for distinction of electricity fire existence and nonexistence, and described about electricity fire cause analysis process for collecting physical evidences. We handled external form analysis, Substance extension analysis, X-ray transmission analysis, cross-section analysis, thermal analysis, chemical structure analysis, surface structure analysis, component analysis, electrical properties analysis, and circuit analysis by analysis technique for electricity fire cause judgment. We expect that analysis technic elevation and correct cause of fire analysis of scene of a fire investigators and analysts through this paper which see help.



Supported by : 한국에너지 기술평가원(KETEP)