Fast Double Random Phase Encoding by Using Graphics Processing Unit

GPU 컴퓨팅에 의한 고속 Double Random Phase Encoding

  • Published : 2012.05.18


With the increase of sensitive data and their secure transmission and storage, the use of encryption techniques has become widespread. The performance of encoding majorly depends on the computational time, so a system with less computational time suits more appropriate as compared to its contrary part. Double Random Phase Encoding (DRPE) is an algorithm with many sub functions which consumes more time when executed serially; the computation time can be significantly reduced by implementing important functions in a parallel fashion on Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). Computing convolution using Fast Fourier transform in DRPE is the most important part of the algorithm and it is shown in the paper that by performing this portion in GPU reduced the execution time of the process by substantial amount and can be compared with MATALB for performance analysis. NVIDIA graphic card GeForce 310 is used with CUDA C as a programming language.