Anti-Islanding Scheme for a Number of Grid-connected Inverters under Parallel Operation

병렬연결된 다수 대 계통연계형 인버터를 위한 단독운전 방지 기법

  • Published : 2016.07.05


Since anti-islanding scheme of grid-connected inverter is a key function of standards compliance, unintentional islanding results in safety hazards, reliability, and many other issues. Therefore, many anti-islanding schemes have been researched, however, existing anti-islanding schemes show poor power quality and non-detection zone issues. Besides, most of them have problems which deteriorate performance of islanding detection under parallel-operation. Therefore, this paper proposes a new anti-islanding scheme that has both negligible power quality degradation, no non-detection zone and precise islanding detection under parallel-operation. Finally, both simulation and experimental results validate the proposed scheme.



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