Thermodynamic Parameters for Micelle Formation of Dodecylpyridinium Chloride

Dodecylpyridinium Chloride의 micelle 形成의 熱力學變數

  • Han, Man-Un (Department of Chemistry, College of Sciences and Engineering, Korea University)
  • 한만운 (高麗大學校 理工大學 化學科)
  • Published : 19660600


The effect of temperature on the critical micelle concentration of dodecylpyridinium chloride has been determined by electrical conductance method over the range from $5^{\circ}C\;to\;50^{\circ}C$. The values of the change in heat content, ${\Delta}H_m$, and the other thermodynamic parameters have been estimated using the equation of temperature dependence on the critical micelle concentration for the same temperature range. The significance of these thermodynamic quantities and their relations to the various current theories of micelle forming processes were discussed.



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