A Study of the Free Amino Acids in the Plasma and Erythrocytes in the Male Adult Rats Fed with the Low Protein Diets

低蛋白營養에 있어서 成熟흰쥐의 Plasma 및 Erythrocytes Free Amino Acids에 대하여

  • Hyun-Ki Lee (Department of Home Economics, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Pusan National University)
  • 이현기 (釜山大學校 文理科大學 家政學科)
  • Published : 1971.04.30


An analysis of the free amino acid contained in the plasma and erythrocytes of the six groups of Wistar Strain male adult rats (body weight 200-300g) having fasted for sixteen hours was made by means of the HITACHI Amino Acid Autoanalyzer and the result of which was corrected with RC-24B TOMY Micro Hematocrit Centrifuge. There was a depression of the plasma and erythrocytes free amino acid level on the no-protein diet with ad libitum feeding. But on the 20% casein diet there was an elevation in the levels of free amino acid and consequently alanine, glysine, lysine, serine and arginine level in the erythrocytes and threonine, glutamic acid and taurine level in the plasma increased on the high protein diet. There was more plasma and erythrocytes free amino acid level on the 5% casein- 30% fat diet than on the 5% casein-no fat diet with pair-feeding. In comparison, on the low calorie diet more free amino acids were found in plasma than in erythrocytes, but on the higher calorie diet more free amino acids were found in the erythrocytes than in the plasma. On the 20% casein-30% fat diet with pair-feeding the erythrocytes free amino acids level increased but in plasma free amino acids level decreased. Such as an opposite result was given in plasma and erythrocytes free amino acids level. In the pair-fed four groups, erythrocytes per plasma generally increased in the rate of less than 10.0 as the calorie increased. The essential amino acid per non essential amino acid generally increased in the ratio as protein level and calorie increased, and that ratio range was from 0.2 to 0.7. And essential amino acid per non essential amino acid of plasma was higher than that of erythrocytes.



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