The Effect of Korean Soysauce and Soypaste Making on Soybean Proteion Quality -Part III. Changes in the Lysine Availability-

재래식 간장 및 된장 제조가 대두단백질의 영양가에 미치는 영향 -제3보 Lysine 가용도의 변화-

  • Lee, Cherl-Ho (Department of Food Preservation, The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University)
  • 이철호 (덴마크 왕립 농과대학, 식품 저장학교실)
  • Published : 1976.06.28


The changes in lysine availability during soybean fermentation were determined by the chemical analysis method as well as the biological methods with rat. The FDNB-reactive lysine determined by the difference (TLMI) method indicated that cooking and Meju fermentation reduced the lysine availability of soybean, but the subsequent ripening restored the availability to the same level of the raw soybean. On the other hand, the Biological Value, NPU, NER and the Relative lysine availability of the rat experiments showed a general decrease in the lysine availability of soybean during the ripening process as well as Meju fermentation.