Characterization of Streptococcus mutans isolated from Human Dental Plaque 2. Streptococcal Polysaccharide.

충치에서 분리한 Streptococcus mutans에 관하여 2

  • Published : 1980.12.01


Cariogenic Strptococcus mutans produces a constitutive extracellular enzyme dextransucrase or glucosyltransferase that is capable of hydrolying sucrose and synthesizing the glucose polymer dextran. In this work we investigated to the dextrans produced by eight strains of Strptococcus mutans. After, 30hours the synthesized polysaccharide is 1.86mg to 4.41mg per ml on sucrose medium, and the polysaccharide is similar. Polysaccharide syntheiezd by enzyme in cell free medium is 11.4 mgto 2.36mg per ml after 10 hours.