An Experiment of Improved Stow Net - Characteristics of Upthrust Float and Shearing Hood -

계량식 안강망의 실험연구

  • Published : 1980.06.01


Previously, we had experimented on the model of stow net under the various combination including water velocity, spherical floats and elevating floats with the shearing hoods instead of the upper beam, however we couldn't concern with their characteristics. Spherical floats maintain their buoyancy at the same level when the speed increases, only the drag increases and effects some reduction in the fishing height. To eliminate this shortcoming, floats have to some hydrodynamic lifting force which increases with increasing speed. Phillips float with a dish-shaped metal plate welded on at the lower part and synthetic upthrusting float were used for the experiment to compare with their characteristics. Six kinds of model shearing hood depend on the angle of attack were used to test the characteristic of the shearing hood. According to their results, when the angle of attack is 30\ulcorner, the lift and drag coefficient reveal 1. 36, 0.84 respectively. And also experimented on the 5X8cm shearing hood to investigate the suitability for the model stow net.