Optimum Collector Area and Economic Evaluation for the Greenhouse Heating

태양열 온실 난방에 대한 최척 집열 면적과 경제성 평가

  • Published : 1982.05.31


Aim of this study was to obtain the heating performance and the economic evaluation on solar heating system for greenhouse which area of floor was $90m^2$. For heating performance effective solar energy for the greenhouse was compared with overall heating loads including coefficient of heat transfer and conduction. And the economic evaluation solar heating system was evaluated by comparison its initial investiment costing with oil saving cost. Initial investiment costing included collector cost, storage cost, piping cost, control system cost and miscellaneous costs which included pumps, motors etc. The contents of this study included the survey of climate conditions for solar heating, long-term collector performance and optimum collector area of solar heating system in existing greenhouse. The results are follows: 1. Average horizontal radiation during winter was $2,434Kcal/m^2$ day which was the highest value in this country, so the climate conditions of Suwon was suitable for solar heating. 2. Resulting calculation of the optimum collector area was $30m^2$ and the solar energy accounted for 30% of the overall heating load. 3. The capacity of storage tank required 60 liter per unit area ($m^2$) of solar collector.