ARC Discharge Sound Source in Underwater

수중 아-크 방전음원에 관한 연구

  • Published : 1985.03.01


In general the impulse sound sources of underwater generated by electric arc discharge had used static energy of the charged capacitors. The author proposed an underwater arc discharge sound source using secondary voltage of high voltage transformer without capacitors. The arc discharge device was composed of a high voltage transformer and a switching system. The impulse current in the primary turn of the high voltage transformer is controlled by the switching system and inductive current of the secondary turn in the high voltage transformer is used in making impulsive arc discharge. A series of experiment have been carried out to observe the acoustic characteristics of the impulse sound source generated by the arc discharge. The results obtained were as follows: 1. Secondary current at the time of arc discharge keeps after ohm's law in the beginning and the maximum current flows out as soon as arc discharge breaks out. 2. A time difference between a start of applied current and a generation of arc discharge sound is the 3msec and it is generated arc sound when breaking down electric insulation at maximum voltage. 3. The sharper the end of electrodes and the higher the secondary voltage, the higher the sound pressure level. 4. Arc discharge sound was generated even at the distance of 100cm between electrodes and was stably reproductive at the gap of 1cm to 100cm. 5. Electric arc discharge sound wave is a shock wave of pulse-width of 0.15msec and spectral distribution of it is plenty of low frequency components less than 10 KHz.

고압변압기의 1차측을 제어하고 2차측에 유도된 전압을 이용한 수중방전음원의 전기음향학적 제특성을 분석.검사한 결과는 다음과 같다. 1. 방전시 2차측 전류는 초기에는 Ohm 법칙을 따르다가 전류가 최고 6.3A 흘러 절연 파괴되었으며, 그 순간 방전음이 생성되었다. 2. 전류인가점과 방전음 생성문의 시간차는 약 3ms였으며, 전압이 최고일 때 절연파괴가 일어나 방전음이 생성되었다. 3. 전극의 끝이 뾰족할수록 2차측 전압이 높을수록 음압수준은 높았다. 4. 뾰족한 형태의 전극은 전극간격이 100cm일 때도 방전이 일어났으며 전극간격이 1cm이상부터 비교적 안정된 방전음이 생성되었다. 5. 방전음의 펄스폭은 약 0.15ms인 Shock Wave였으며, 10HKz 이하의 합성저주파 성분이었다.