Comparison of Volatile Aroma Components and Non-volatile Organic Acids in Tobacco Lamina and Stems.

잎담배 엽육과 주맥의 휘발성 정유성분 및 비휘발성 유기산의 비교

  • Published : 1986.12.01


Volatile aroma components, non-volatile organic acids in lamina and stems of flue-cured(NC 2326) and burley ( Burley 21) were analyzed by gas chromatography and mass spectrometry, respectively. Then compositional differences of these components between lamina and stems were discussed. The contents of volatile components were higher in flue-cured than in burley tobacco, and it was also higher in lamina then in stem. The major aroma components in lamina were neophytadiene , nicotine, solanone and benzyl alcohol but those in stems were palmitic acid, neophytadiene, nicotine, solanone and phenyl ethyl acetate. On the other hand, the contents of non-volatile organic acids were higher in burley than in flue-cured tobacco, and these values of burley tobacco were higher in lamina than in stem but flue-cured tobacco were higher in stem than in lamina. The major acids in all the above four tabacco samples were malic, citric, oxalic and linolenic acid.