A Study on the Controlled Release of Naproxen from Hydrophilic Polymer Matrix

친수성고분자 매트릭스의 Naproxen 제어방출에 관한 연구

  • Published : 1987.02.01


The effect of loading dose, plasticiser and PVA molecular weight on naproxen release from hydrophilic polymer matrix was examined. Hydrophilic polymer matrix was prepared with PVA and PVP by adding glycerine as plasticiser. The release of naproxen from polymer matrix was determined in phosphate buffer medium. The release rate of naproxen from the polymer matrix increased as drug loading dose and plasticiser percentage increased. Raproxen released from the polymer matrix showed the time square root kinetics. Without changing the release-pattern, the release rate of naproxen could not be changed by varying molecular weight of PVA. Linearly released time range increased as drug loading dose increased, whereas decreased as plasticiser percentage increased up to 30%.