A study on optimum design and high efficiency operation for commutatorless Kramer type slip power recovery system of induction motor

유도전동기의 무정류자 크레므형 슬립전력회수 시스템의 적정설계 및 고효율화 운전에 관한 연구

  • Published : 1987.08.01


In this dissertation, a complete model of commutatorless static Kramer type slip power recovery system of 3.phi. induction motor has been designed and tested in the laboratory, and the experimental results are compared with the numerical values. The main results of this study are summerized as follows. (1) Maintenance and repair of the mechanical commutator is obviated by adopting a thyristor commutator in place of the mechanical commutator in the conventional Kramer system. (2) The experimental results of developed torque, and stator current are generally coincided with the numerical values obtained by the derived equation, proving their validity. (3) This system is simulated and the following operational characteristics are obtained with suitable design values : (a) The speed control range of 7:1 is obtained when the turn ratio of induction motor is lowered to about 3:1 to 4:1 and the generating constant of auxiliary synchronous motor is increased to 120-175 range. (b) Its efficiency can be increased to 75-85%, the range for static Scherbius system and its power factor takes values in the range of 65-85%, which is twice of the range for static Scherbius system.