Overview of World Ginseng Production

세계 인삼 생산의 개요

  • Published : 1991.08.01


It is estimated that world ginseng production has increased from 3,200 tonnes In 1983 to 5,132 tonnes in 1987. China produced approximately hart of world ginseng production and South Korea's production amounts to 31.9% of world ginseng production. Canadian ginseng production of 114 tonnes in 1987 represents only 2.2% of estimated world production. World ginseng production is projected to increase to 6,856 tonnes by 1992. Canadian production as a proportion of total world production is expected to increase to 3.3% however, North American production overall is projected to decrease 12.0% of world production by 1992. Assuming that the value of each country's production is equal to average export price, the value of world ginseng production is estimated to be $ 443 million The estimated values of Korean, North Anerican and Canadian ginseng production represent $ 198.3million, 977.1 million, and $ 12.5 million, redpectively.