Rehydration Characteristic of Dried Root Vegetables

근조 근채류의 복원 특성

  • Published : 1991.04.01


This study was attempted to establish the basic data for effective utilization of the dried radish and sweet potato. The rehydration characteristic was carried out from these dried root vegetables in various conditions. The following results were obtained. The rehydration value was increased in glycine solution, whereas It decreased in lactic acid solution. Also the vacuum freezing was higher than that in hot air drying, and it was higher the slow freezing than in the quick freezing. The rehydration rate and the rehydration surface area curve were composed of three stages, and these stages were corresponded to each other. At the range of initial immersion to 2min., the largest rehydration rate was showed. The activation energy obtained from the Arrhenius plot of the rehydration rate constant(K) were 3. Bx103ca11g mol and 3.7$\times$103cal/g mol for dried radish and sweet potato, respectively.